About My Photography:

My photographic work is principally with performing artists – primarily dancers and musicians. I work on a collaborative basis with my subjects, in order to capture in my images the innate grace, radiance and brilliance of the artist at work.

Most of my work is in the black-and-white medium, which I feel best enables me to capture the essence of my subject and his or her personality. In attempting to capture that essence, I find that color can sometimes get in the way – can be overpowering and can obscure the real identity of my subject. Black-and-white lets me concentrate on form and mood. Further, I do my own darkroom work in black-and-white so that I have full control of an emerging image and can thereby bring out certain subtleties in the image that might otherwise be lost in the printing process.

For those times when it seems appropriate to use color, I use either digital equipment or color slide film, from which I have prints made.


My camera equipment consists of a Leica M6 and various Canon SLRs (both film and digital) with lenses of various focal lengths. I use two Beseler enlargers for my darkroom work.


Pieces of my work are in various private collections in Massachusetts, New York and Florida and other locations in the United States, as well as in Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, Peru and Ireland.